Rake Dimensions

Rake sizes vary, but their function has remained the same through the years: gather leaves, hay, grass and other materials. They are also used to loosen up soil and for weeding.

Rake Dimensions: Fiskars #9661

The Fiskars Shrub Rake #9661 has an 8.55" x 9" head. The head is made of virgin resin and comes with (11) 1 2" tines. The tines have a curve which rakes shrubs without affecting the grass or cover. It uses an 8 inch head so raking between plants is made simple.

The shaft is aluminum and light. The Fiskars #9661 is shaped like a teardrop for ergonomic reasons. The handle is long so raking at an angle is easy. This shape also limits incidents of back fatigue.

The Fiskars #9661 is durable enough to be used in narrow and tight spots. This rake can also be used for shaping the mulch surrounding plants.

Rake Dimensions: Fiskars 24-Inch Leaf Rake

The Fiskars Leaf Rake has a 24 inch head. The head is constructed from virgin resin. It also comes with a curve to keep leaves and dirt from getting stuck at the tines. The 24 inch head of the Fiskars Leaf Rake allows the head to clear a sizable path in a single pass.

The shaft is made from aluminum so it is light and easy to use. To keep away back pain, the rake employs a long handle. The rake can be used for scraping lawns without tearing up the grass. The size and shape allows the rake to be used at various angles as well.

Rake Dimensions: Corona Clipper #RK 62061

The Corona Clipper #RK 62061 has an 18 inch head with 25 tines. The handle is made of aluminum and measures 54 inches. The tines are extra wide; this allows debris to be taken off without affecting the plant feeder roots.

The Corona Clipper #RK 62061 also has a bi-curved bow shape, allowing uniform pressure every time. This is intended to make raking more effective. The head is composed of tempered spring steel.

The 54 inch handle has anti-slip vinyl gripping, allowing it to be used even during hot or cold weather. The double crimps keep the tines in place so problems with raking are avoided.

How to Use a Rake Properly

Whatever the rake dimensions, the process for using them is pretty straightforward. Set the rake in front of you and stroke the leaves as near you as possible. Just keep working your way and the leaves should be to your back.

After you make a pile of foliage, use the rake to make more piles. Make sure the foliage is spaced out from each other so they don’t get messed up again.

When you’re done, get a garbage can or bucket. Wear your gloves and put the piles into the container. Take them into the dump site or you can use it as compost material. Just remember the rake dimensions will determine how easy or difficult this task will be.

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