How Big is an Australian Football Field?

From goal to goal, the size of an Australian football field is at least 150 meters long. From one boundary line to the next, it is at least 135 meters wide. An additional 3 to 5 meters of space from these lines is necessary.

Other Measurements

The field is usually oval shaped. The surface is grass. The square in the center measures 50 meters x 50 meters. From the center of the goal, the curved 50 m line is 50 m away. In professional matches, the 50 m lines are not allowed to intersect the back edge and front of the middle square.

The behind posts and adjacent goals are 6.4 m distant from each other. The goal square has a length of 9 m. The surface used is lawn. Hard surfaces are not allowed to prevent injuries. The behind posts have to be shorter than the goal posts.

Like the size of an Australian football field, the actual width and height can vary. The posts usually have wall padding to reduce risk of injury when a player hits them.

Size Variations

There are many variations to the sizes given above. Other layouts are also used. Smaller fields are used at junior levels. Rectangular fields like those in American Football and Association Football are also used.

Basic Rules

The match is played by two teams each with 22 players (four interchanges, 18 at the field). The objective is to pass the ball into the other team’s goal. The typical way of scoring is to kick the ball between the goal posts. The team with the most points after the game wins. In some cases, the game ends as a draw or a tiebreaker is enforced.

Positioning and Ball Handling

Players are allowed to position on all areas of the playing surface. Any part of their body can be used to advance the ball. The primary methods used are running with the ball, handballing and kicking.

Those players that run with the ball have to touch it on the ground or bounce it every now and then. Players are not permitted to throw the ball. Under certain conditions, a player who gets the ball via a kick is awarded a free kick.

The size of an Australian football field allows for high scoring. The quick movement of the players, awesome marking and physical play has helped make it one of Australia’s most widely followed sporting events.

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