Bar Size Pool Table Dimensions

Bar size pool table dimensions can vary, but the most common is the 7 foot table. This table measures 3 1/2 feet by 7 feet. The playing surfaces on most of them are 40 x 80 inches. These are also the pool tables used in homes.

7 Foot Tables

These are frequently used in bars which is why they have earned the name “bar table”. It isn’t clear just why these dimensions are preferred. But there is no questioning its popularity. People are so used to playing on these types of tables they want these same specs for their home pool play. One possible reason for its popularity is its compactness.

Bar size pool table dimensions are not as long as those used in professional tournaments. They fit in bars and homes more easily. Shorter pool tables also mean it is easier to hit shots.
It should be noted that some home tables are 8 x 4 feet. Confusingly, these are also called bar tables. However, they are actually a foot longer. Making shots is also harder on these tables.

Room Dimensions

These tables require less room compared to a bigger table. A 7 foot table requires a minimum space of 16’8″ by 13’6″ for playing. If the table is in a bar, they can set a special place for it so the table doesn’t get in the way. But most will agree that you should allocate as much room as possible for the table. If you aren’t sure, measure the table length and add six inches to it. The result will be the minimum perimeter required.

Cue sticks are usually 57 inches long. Along with a 7 foot table, you will arrive at the figure 16 feet 10 inches x 13 feet 8 inches as given earlier.


Table appearances and design vary. Some pockets are tight, while others are wide. The rails and surface will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

More about Sizes

7 footers are ideal for casual players. You will have an easier time putting those balls in the pockets. But if you are serious about the game, play on bigger tables. The drawback is a larger table requires more room. You need to take this into consideration before buying any unit.

Although the 7 footer is the standard bar size pool table dimensions, there are also variants. It all depends on the available space, manufacturer standards and the table design.

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