Rugby Field Dimensions

Not all rugby field Rugby Fielddimensions are the same since there are various forms of rugby football. Various forms of rugby football will each have their own codes, which includes the rugby field dimensions. We’ll go over the rugby union field dimensions and describe the elements of its field of play.

Rugby Field Dimensions

The playing field, also known as a pitch has a grassy surface. The rules of the game allow the use of artificial grass as long as there are no permanently solid surfaces used along with it. Hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt are not allowed for the construction of the playing field even if you are using artificial grass. Surfaces such as sand, clay, and snow are allowed for use.

Do take note that the laws do not indicate that the playing field should be an even flat surface. However, if any of the teams feel that there are unsafe areas in the field then the referee ought to resolve the said issue before the commencement of the game. The game is never allowed to start if any part of the field is deemed dangerous.

The rugby field dimensions include a field of play that has a width that doesn’t exceed 70 meters. Its length is 100 meters with in-goal areas at each end that extend 10 to 22 meters. Painted solid lines mark the sides, which are called the touch lines. The lines on the back are called the dead-ball lines. You also have lines that are 22 meters away from each in-goal that are called goal lines or try lines. The half way line divides the length of the field in half.

You’ll also see broken several broken lines on the field. First of these are the ones that are parallel to the half way line and are painted 10 meters away from it. Another set of broken lines is located five meters away from the touch lines. You also have broken lines that are painted at a distance of 15 meters away from the touch lines on each end of the field of play.

Dash lines are the ones that are painted five meters from the goal line. Dash lines are parallel to the goal line. There is a goal positioned at each end of the playing field. They are positioned at the center of each goal line. Each goal is made of two 3.4-meter high vertical posts. These are connected by a vertical bar that is 5.6 meters long and positioned three meters above the ground.

There are also flag posts that are 1.2 meters tall at each corner of the field, which gives you an idea of the rugby field dimensions. There are also posts on the goal lines and on the dead-ball lines. Take note that the rugby field dimensions are not the same for each type of rugby football. You’ll notice variations as you check out each variant.

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