Washer Dimensions

The washer size is just one factor that you need to consider before buying.Washer There are actually a lot of factors that come into play.

The Compact Size

The compact ones are usually 24 inches wide. In terms of capacity they can take in 6 to 8 lbs. For a couple this will be sufficient. The compact washer can be set up permanently while others can be moved around.

The portable types are usually rolled into the sink and linked to a water source. This is the ideal option for couples or if you’re single and living in an apartment.

The Conventional Size

The washer size is 27 inches wide and can contain 10 lbs of laundry. These units are made to handle large amounts of laundry. These models are suitable for average family sizes. These devices have powerful spinners. They also have quick wash settings.

The Large Capacity Washer

These are good for 12 lbs of laundry simultaneously. The size is ideal for big families. It is also suitable for people who need to wash a lot of clothes. These machines are of course much bigger than the portable ones. But if you wash a lot of clothes, it will be necessary. At the same time, the newer models have become more energy efficient.

Combination Types

These are washer and dryer combos. The dimension is similar to large washer sizes (24 to 27 in). The dryers are either gas or electric. These types can hold plenty of laundry and are durable. The models vary. It can be a front load washer with a mounted dryer. The model could also consist of an all in one washer and a dryer.

The all in one unit is less expensive. But if one piece breaks down the other will be affected. The stacked types don’t have this problem. However they are more expensive.

Things to Look for in a Washer

Washers have different features, and some are more essential than others. A washer with an auto dispenser lets the laundry product come in at the right time. These will prevent mistakes from occurring.

The auto temperature control is another thing to look for besides washer size. This feature allows hot and cold water to be mixed properly. Some clothing and linen can be very particular about the water being used.

The capacity refers to the tub scale. For best cleaning results, the tub should have some space for the laundry to move about. The large ones measure 2 to 2 1/2 cubic ft. The extra large comes in at 3 cubic ft and the super large at 31/2 cubic ft.

The extra large capacity will be good for comforters and other large items. Other features include the cool down (which turns dry clothes with or without the heat) and damp dry (turns off the dryer before the laundry has totally dried).

The washer size you should pick doesn’t have to be the biggest one out there. As you can see, the choice should come down to a matter of practicality.

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