How Big are Downhill Skis?

Downhill skis or alpine skis, just like any other type of skis out there, are sold in different sizes. They can be made as short as 65 centimeters or they can be longer than 200 centimeters. Getting the right ski size of this type will usually depend on several important factors.

Factors to Consider

One of the first things that people should consider when choosing the right downhill skis is their very own skill level. You can determine your skill level by the terrain that you’re comfortable with. For instance, beginners will be very comfortable on easy and gentle slopes.

Intermediate skiers on the other hand will welcome additional challenges thus they would try out moderate to a little more difficult slope. Beginner terrains will be a lot easier for intermediate skiers. You basically know that you’re a beginner when you can take now take on steeps, glades, terrain, and other more challenging terrain.

Advanced skiers are on a totally different level since the tougher terrains are now easier. Expert skiers can maintain their control even in great speeds. They usually find steep slopes and trails to be the terrain that would match their current skills. Moguls and glades and the formerly challenging terrain are considered enjoyable rather than challenging.

The general rule is that when a skier is more skilled then they should get longer skis. However, in case a skier enjoys the quick tight turns from moguls then they should go for shorter skis. Nevertheless, since downhill skiers tend to generally prefer the insanely fast downhill banzai runs then longer skis will be the main thing.

Skier Weight

There are other factors to consider other than one’s skill level. A skier’s weight will definitely play a role in determining the right ski size. For instance, a skier that weighs around a hundred pounds should go for skis that are 130 centimeters. A skier that weighs around 120 pounds should rather get skis that are about 140 centimeters long.

140 pound skiers get a recommended 150 centimeter long pair of downhill skis. On the other hand, skiers that weigh 150 to 160 pounds should get skis that are 155 to 160 centimeters in length. Skiers who weigh 170 pounds to 180 pounds should get skis that are 165 to 170 centimeters long. Skiers who weigh 190 to 200 pounds should get 175 to 180 centimeter long skis. Skiers that weigh more than 210 pounds should get skis that are around 185 centimeters in length.

You can look up a downhill skis sizing chart will be very helpful in determining the right ski size. However, note that these size guides are for general reference purposes only. Adjustments to the length of the skis should be made depending on other factors as well.

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