Bicycle Frame Sizes and Height

Bicycle frame sizes and height are two aspects that aspiring bikers have to study in depth. The two have to be considered together if you want to get the right bike. By thoroughly examining all the options, you will be able to choose one that is appropriate. This translates into a comfortable ride.

Frames in Detail

The dimensions of the frame influence a rider’s ability to handle the bike. It also affects their speed, power and agility. If the bike is too small or large, health problems can ensue. In fact you can get injured or experience discomfort when riding.

Body Height and Inseam

Bicycle frame sizes and height can help you choose a bicycle. But the inseam must not be ignored. In fact, there are many charts which rely on inseam rather than height. Remember that body types are not similar. For example, there are tall riders who possess long torsos and a short inseam.

Other people have short torsos and long legs. It’s also worth considering that comfort in cycling depends on the legs. More specifically, on how easy they can pedal. For this reason, inseam is regarded as being more vital than height.

Taking Measurements

To determine your inseam, remove your shoes. Get next to a wall. After putting a book between your legs, get someone to gauge the distance from the tome to the ground. The resulting figure is your inseam. You can take measurements in inches or centimeters. Most bikes in the US are inches, but other companies use cm.

If you used inches and the bike frame is in cm, multiply the results by 2.54 to get the cm equivalent. Now multiply the result by .67. If you are buying hybrids or mountain bikes, there is no need to convert. Their frames are almost always in inches.

Top Tube and Seat Tube

Frame specs denote the seat tube length. This tube is upright and keeps the saddle post in place. The top tube length is what bikers call the crossbar. This tube links the handlebar and seat. This is vital because seat tubes are robust enough to be adjusted. Because of this, many prefer to choose a frame by basing it on the top tube. In this case, torso height matters.

It is true that the bicycle frame sizes and height charts you see are only for reference. But they can be a good starting point. Those guides will be very useful for those who are ordering bikes online.

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