How Big is a DVD Case?

Many storage devices for DVDs exist, but the size of DVD cases has mostly remained the same. The standard dimensions used is 190 mm x 135 mm.

Keep Case

This is a poly-box that is frequently used for storing DVDs. Sometimes CDs are stored here too. This box is frequently used for game consoles and some mp3 audiobooks. The dimensions cited above are the ones used by the keep case.


These containers are composed of soft, transparent polypropylene plastic. With some cases, the plastic is colored. They all have a see through polyethylene jacket. At its back is a paper sleeve. Numerous colors are used. For instance, those used for the Xbox is lime green.

Clip sets are found within the case. This is used for storing extra paper sheets or a booklet. The DVD disc is kept in place by a hub (protrusion). The hub is in a hole in the case. There is an extra hub in console game cases for the memory cards.

More Info about the Size of DVD Cases

The average single-disc case is 15 mm thick. Multi-disc cases are thicker. Some “special edition” single-disc cases may be thicker. Other cases are slimmer for space saving reasons. The height of most cases is roughly the same as a VHS tape. Width wise it is equal to a CD jewel case.

Size of Paper Sleeves

The paper used on standard DVD cases is printable on A4 paper. This can be fitted into the jacket after cropping. The paper space at the back and front panel is 129.5 mm x 183 mm. The spines are approximately 14 mm wide.

Some are less than this. All in all, the overall size of the printout is 273 mm x 183 mm. This is a bit smaller than the 297 mm x 210 mm A4 size.

Size of inserts

The maximum dimensions possible is 120 mm x 180 mm. This is for the leaflet material or booklet inserts. The measurements given are for booklets folded.

Note: the dimensions for the Blu-ray Disc titles are similar but with some slight differences. The measurements are also very close to those used on HD DVD titles. The biggest difference is they are shorter.

The size of DVD cases as specified here are not the only ones. There are a few different types out there. But if you are buying blank DVDs, it is likely that you will run across these figures more than the others.

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