Warning Triangle Size


A warning triangle is essential to every driver, especially when driving along a busy thoroughfare. You use this when you need to park on the side of the road in emergency cases such as car breakdowns and such.

The warning triangle alerts oncoming traffic that you are stopped on the road hence; they can avoid you and prevent accidents.

Warning triangle size is basically about 17 inches long, with each side measuring 1.45 inches wide and 0.197 inch thick. As an early warning device, this triangle can likewise alert oncoming traffic of vehicular accidents or other road hazards that they need to avoid for safety purposes.

Warning Triangle Road Signs

The most basic warning triangle sign which drivers use can either be a simple triangle with no images on it. It is usually made with reflectors or neon materials that glow in the dark should you need to pull over in the evening. This will make your triangle visible even during the night.

There is also one, most commonly used by drivers as well, that has an exclamation point in the middle, warning drivers to be cautious as they proceed towards your vehicle.

There are several different warning triangles used in different countries across the globe. These can be permanent road signs that warn drivers of impending road hazards or to drive with caution such as signs that tell drivers the roads are slippery when wet or dangerous curve ahead.

In some countries, there are warning triangle signs that tell drivers to be careful when passing through specific roads as wild animals may suddenly appear such as reindeer crossing in Norway, wild fowl slowly walking across the road in the United Kingdom or camels crossing in the United Arab Emirates.

Buying Personal Warning Triangles

For individuals, there are warning triangles that you can easily purchase from shops that sell car accessories or even general merchandise stores. These may also be found on the internet, in select online shops.

These come in different sizes as well and they may also come in two basic colors of yellow or red. For your safety and convenience, it is recommended that you get a pair of these triangles.

You can place one just a few feet from where your car is parked and one just within inches of your vehicle. This way, drivers have an early warning that something is up ahead on the road.

The triangles also come in different materials, the most common of which is polypropylene. 

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