Size of a Floor Vacuum

Floor vacuums or vacuum cleaners are essential cleaning tools that help you get rid of dirt and dust on the floor, carpet and even upholsteries at home or in the office.

The size of a floor vacuum for homes is just of the right dimensions that enable you to easily store this in the closet or any corner in the house. The type of vacuum cleaner also determines what size of a floor vacuum you are going to have.

Size of a Floor Vacuum

As mentioned above, the size of a floor vacuum depends on which type you are looking to get. There are basically two types of floor vacuums available today: upright and cylinder.

Upright models are bulkier than cylinder types and they basically have a limited reach as compare to cylinder models. Cylinder floor vacuums have longer hoses that are very flexible which enable you to vacuum through hard-to-reach spots.

Upright Floor Vacuums

The size of a floor vacuum that is of the upright model is generally around 12 inches in length by 16 inches in width by 32.5 inches in height.

There are likewise upright floor vacuums that have dimensions of 13 inches in length by 15.5 inches in width by 38.2 inches in height.

You can also find sizes that measure approximately 12.5 inches long by 15 inches wide by 44 inches high.

Typically, upright models have height adjustments which give you more options to adjust the height according to what is comfortable for you.

Cylinder Floor Vacuums

Cylinder floor vacuums are basically lighter and slimmer than upright models. Their sizes make them easier to handle and they also do not take up more storage space as compared to upright models.

The size of a floor vacuum for the cylinder model is approximately 266 millimeters in height by 209 millimeters in width by 324 millimeters in depth. This is around 10.48 inches high by 8.23 inches wide by 12.76 inches deep.

A slightly larger model but still very light is around 291 millimeters in height by 263 millimeters in width by 402 millimeters in depth. These dimensions are equivalent to approximately 11.46 inches high by 10.35 inches wide by 15.83 inches deep.

Important Considerations

For cleaning stairways, your best option could be the cylinder type since you can easily reach the steps just by extending the hose and if you need to go up, lugging the cylinder type won’t be as troublesome as lugging the bulkier upright models.

You should also check if the floor vacuum has an indicator that will tell you when the bag is already full so you’ll know when to clean it out or change it, depending on whether or not you are going to get a bagged or bag-less model.

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