Biggest Pimple in the World


Pimples are probably the number one skin problem that everyone in the world faces in their lifetime. They usually start to come out at the onset of one’s puberty and should disappear once your reach adulthood.

However, this is not always the case. Many adults suffer from pimple break-outs through most of their lives. 

There have been numerous claims about the biggest pimple in the world but not all of them have been properly identified as pimples. They may be a result of another underlying skin condition.

Viral Information

Through the internet grapevine, you can see various results that show as being the world’s largest pimple. There have been claims that the biggest pimple ever was as big as a hockey puck. 

In this case, the pimple would measure around seventy-six millimeters in diameter. If you check the internet, you can see various videos that show pimples being popped! 

Gross as it may sound, if you watch these videos and believe their claim that what you’re seeing is the biggest pimple in the world, then the biggest one so far is around eighteen millimeters in diameter.

On the average however, the biggest pimple one can eve have is around five millimeters. This pimple size is usually already considered acne, a type of skin condition that afflicts millions of people worldwide.

Treating Pimples

As part of your pimple treatment regime, you should always make sure that your face is clean. Mild facial soap is recommended particularly those that have allergic reactions to strong soaps.

If the condition is bad, there usually is a special kind of soap that contains certain ingredients known to ward-off or get rid of pimples.

There are also several over-the-counter medications that you can try to prevent pimples from developing or totally eliminate them. However, in severe cases, a visit to your trusted dermatologist is recommended.

If you wish to try home remedies, you can make your own facial mask as well as facial wash with the use of natural ingredients. 

It is said that pimple break-outs are often caused by stress. The more stressed you get, the more stressed your skin gets as well. This being said, you may want to do a bit of relaxation techniques to help you get rid of your pimples or to prevent them from ever showing up on your face and other parts of your body, particularly your back.

When taking pimple medications, you have to make sure that all ingredients contained therein are safe on your skin as adverse reactions can take place which may result in worsening your condition instead of alleviating it.

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