Sizes of Dumbbells

While men develop their chest size by ding bench press exercises, girls can make do with a little help from dumbbells.

Dumbbells are fairly good equipments to tone your body in a cheaper, more manageable way. They do not cost much and do not require too much to deliver the toning results that we actually need.

Then again, if you think it is easy to decide on using dumbbells to get fit, it would be quite harder for you to choose the right pieces or the right sizes.

Sizes of Dumbbells

Dumbbells come in many different sizes. It can be confusing at times. But as you go along your routine, as you get to know how one size works for a specific set of muscles, you will be able to manage choosing the right size every single time.

Sizes of dumbbells are determined according their weights. The dumbbell’s weight range is between 2 pounds and 20 pounds. To fulfill the dumbbells weight requirement of each and every exercise routine, you can combine plates. For a ten pound requirement for each hand, you can go for 10-pound plates each or you can combine two 5-pounder.

Does Size Matter?

The weight of the dumbbells determines the kind of exercise routine and the part of the body worked out. If you are doing bicep curls, for example, you must choose heavier weights, from five pounds to eights pounds each hand. If you are doing chest presses, you must use a body bar and put 12 pounds to 45 pounds of weight in it. Increasing the weight depends on how far you are in your routine.

If you are just starting with dumbbells, you must start with a lighter load. Move up the weight level as you go along so as not to strain your muscles.

Dumbbells sizes are adjustable. That is, to give you lots of options in doing your workout. You better choose the right weight for your kind of workout to maximize the benefits of it. You can stock dumbbells on different weights or different sizes. That is, to be ready with as much routines as possible.

Doing dumbbells exercises can help a lot in your fitness regimen. They can help you tone your arms, your chest, your shoulders, and your thighs. What’s more, dumbbells are not as expensive as other fitness equipments. They are also easy-to-store. They are not as big a bulk as a bench press. More importantly, dumbbells are very easy to use.

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