Fattest Man in the World

Manuel Uribe, a native of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, is considered as the fattest man in the world weighing in at a staggering 1,320 pounds. He has been bedridden since 2001, unable to get out of bed for 6 years before finally deciding that he needed help.

At the time that he was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest man in the world, he weighed approximately 560 kilograms or about 87 stones and 12 pounds.

Sedentary Lifestyle

His way towards becoming the fattest man in the world probably started during his childhood. Uribe claims that he had always been a bit on the heavy side since he was a child but not to the point where he couldn’t get up from bed. His obesity problems began to take a turn for the worse when he reached his 20s.

When he moved to the US back in ’87, he began to live a more sedentary lifestyle sitting behind his desk all day and then after work, he drove straight home. This lifestyle left out physical activities such as the very basic activity of walking distances which in turn contributed greatly to his rapid weight gain thus earning him the tag of being the fattest man in the world.

New Life

In 2006, although deemed as the fattest man in the world, Uribe refused to undergo gastric bypass surgery, a medical procedure that can considerably help with his weight reduction. Instead, with the help of Dr. Barry Sears, Uribe embarked on a new journey vowing to stick to the diet that the doctor designed to help him lose weight.

With the help of his new diet, Uribe managed to shed off four hundred pounds. His doctors were amazed at his progress, stating that losing this much weight without the help of any type of surgery was “remarkable.”

By the end of October 2008, he has managed to bring down his weight to 360 kilograms or about 790 pounds, a great feat considering he weighed almost double this size when he first sought the help of anyone who can get him out of his weight rut.

Still bedridden but no longer weighing in at his original weight when he was first considered as the fattest man in the world, Uribe married his longtime girlfriend in a civil ceremony. He was taken to his wedding site with the use of his bed all draped in white for the ceremony.

He and his wife Claudia took their first dance, with him sitting up on his bed and his wife standing close by, both holding hands and swaying to music playing in the background.

Having been tagged as the fattest man in the world, his goal now is to be listed in the Guinness of Book World Records as the “World’s Greatest Loser of Weight.”

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