Dynamic Splint Dimensions

Dynamic splint sizes can vary depending on how it will be used. As these are used for physical therapy, the size can be custom fit for the patient. The dynamic splint is similar to the hand splint except it is more flexible. 
What is the Dynamic Splint?
The dynamic splint is a device used to expand the joint’s motion range. A spring loaded tensioning device, it works by setting a low-load prolong duration stretch. This can be used in conjunction with physical therapy. The splint can boost an individual’s recovery time. 
At the same time, the joint’s ranges are maximized. The dynamic splint can be used by people who are recovering from surgery, trauma and other injuries. This is true regardless of the dynamic splint sizes. 
Facts about the Hand Splint 
The hand splints are constructed from plastic or metal. These are used for securing the wrist, fingers or wrist. The splint can be used to ease the healing process. The splint may be used in case of an injury or other medical ailment that can injure the hand. 
Types of Splints 
Various kinds of hand splints are available. The splint is also known as the wrist brace or hand brace. This is often used so the hand does not suffer more damage. This is required so the healing process will not be interrupted.
At the same time, the splint design can provide thumb support. It may also be used to straighten the fingers. This way, the individual can still utilize the hand even during therapy. The hand splint to be used will depend on the patient’s condition. The severity of the condition is another factor. 
Resting Hand Splint 
The resting splint is used so the hand maintains an open position. These types of braces are used to flatten the palm. The fingers are extended. The resting splint also ensures the thumb doesn’t curl up. This is crucial if the ailment results in the thumb and fingers forming a fist. The resting splint prevents this from occurring. 
Weight Bearing Splints 
This splint is used for hand muscle stiffness. This is most suited for hands that are weak. It is also ideal for hands that are unable to carry a lot of weight. 
The hand and dynamic splint sizes will be determined by your condition. For this reason, it will vary from patient to patient. The amount of time it will be worn will also differ. 

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