Sizes of UPS

A UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply sometimes also known as Uninterruptible Power Source is an essential tool in ensuring that your electrical appliances at home and in the office won’t break down over time because of sudden power interruptions.

UPS is even more important for computers and servers as these will provide you with just enough power to properly shut down these equipment or save your important data prior to shutting them down.

Sizes of UPS

There are various sizes of UPS but basically, these are of just the right dimensions to make them portable. This means that you can easily transport your UPS from the home to the office or vice-versa.

Sizes of UPS also make it easy for you to move this from one room to the next without breaking your back.

Depending on the manufacturer or supplier, sizes of UPS may be indicated in millimeters or inches.

There are UPS systems that measure approximately one hundred millimeters in height by one hundred and eighty millimeters in width by two hundred and eighty millimeters in depth and weighs around four and one-half kilograms.

In inches, these dimensions are around 3.94 in height by 7.09 in width by 11.02 in depth.

UPS systems with these dimensions are typically used as a back-up power supply during power outages for computer units.

UPS for Home Appliances

For UPS stand-by systems, these are typically bigger in dimensions to give you more back-up power supply that can accommodate more of your appliances all at one time.

Sizes of UPS for this type are around four hundred and thirty-two millimeters in height by six hundred and sixty millimeters in width by five hundred and fifty-nine millimeters in depth.

This type usually weighs around 6.82 kilograms.

In inches, these measurements are approximately 17.01 high by 25.98 wide by 21.65 deep.

There are likewise sizes of UPS for homes and small offices that have dimensions of one hundred and sixty-two millimeters high by one hundred and forty millimeters wide by three hundred and fifty-eight millimeters deep.

These dimensions are equivalent to 6.38 inches in height by 5.51 inches in width by 14.09 inches in depth.

These typically weigh around 12.5 kilograms.

Before deciding on which type of UPS to get, make sure that you know the specs of each of your electrical appliances or equipment that you wish to connect to the UPS system.

This will ensure that your UPS can accommodate your electrical equipment and also ascertain that it has the right output power capacity.

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