Garnet Sizes

Garnets are gemstones that can go with any type of jewelry: from rings to bracelets, necklaces to earrings. Much like any other type of precious stone set in jewelry pieces, garnet sizes are determined by their carat weight.

The higher the carat weight, the bigger the size. On the other hand, jewelers have different sizing specifications and their standard sizes determine the carat weight of their precious stones, including garnets.

Garnet Sizes Based on Carats

Usually, carat weights of garnets start at ¼ carat and go up in quarter sizes; up to 4 carats. Depending on the type of jewelry which your garnet adorns and your specific jewelry store, the price for these small to medium garnets range from $20 up to hundreds of dollars.

Rare garnet carats are those that come in twelve-carat weights. These huge garnets are usually found in rings and these can cost you several thousands of dollars.

Factors that Affect Garnet Prices

It is not only the carat weight that greatly affects the price of a garnet jewelry. The quality of the stone itself is actually a more common determining factor when considering how much each specific garnet costs.

Jewelers will be quick to point out that one of the most valuable garnets is the one that has a bright red color. If you see a garnet in the color of a fire truck or raspberry, then you have just landed a valuable bright red garnet.

Very red garnets are fairly common hence; these are one of the least valuable types of garnet around. These almost look brown on first sight. Dark red garnets that have a tinge of purple in them are also not so valuable.

However, garnets do not only come in different shades of red. There are also pink garnets, orange, yellow, green, purple and those without color.

A truly rare garnet color however is the blue one. One of these was found back in the ‘90s in Madagascar. If you can get hold of one, be prepared to shell out quite a huge amount of money.

Best-Priced Garnet Jewelries

While garnets are not as expensive as diamonds, a few excellent pieces do come with a hefty price tag. To get a good deal on exquisite garnet jewelry, try visiting online auction sites.

On these sites you will find some of the most magnificent garnet rings, necklaces and earrings. Some of these pieces have an original price of more than a thousand US dollars but if you are good with bidding, you can get a good piece for under a hundred dollars!

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