100 Dollar Bill Dimensions

100 dollar bill dimensions are as follows: it is 157 mm x 66 mm (W x H). In inches that is 6.1 x 2.5 inches. In centimeters that is 6.6294 cm wide x 15.5956 cm long. Each bill is 0.010922 cm (0.004300000000004644 inches) thick. In the past there were large notes used measuring 7.4218 × 3.125 in / 189 × 79 mm.


The one hundred dollar bill features Benjamin Franklin on the obverse part. Franklin was a statesman, diplomat and inventor. At the review banknote is the Independence Hall. There is a clock showing a time of 4:10. This time can be changed to a date: April 10. It may have been chosen because April 10 is the one hundredth day of the year.

The clock’s numeral four is depicted as IV. In fact the Independence Hall clock stares “IIII”. The 100 dollar bill is one of two notes that do not depict US Presidents. The other is the $10 bill which features Alexander Hamilton. Since July 14, 1969, the 100 dollar bill has remained the biggest denomination available. The higher denominations like $10,000, $5,000, $1,000 and $500 were retired.

Other Traits

The typical lifespan of these 100 dollar bills is 89 months (7 years). After that time, the bill should be replaced. These bills are called Benjamins or C Notes. The term C notes refers to the Roman numeral equivalent of 100, which is C. Statistics show that almost 30% of bills produced in 2009 were Benjamins. The Series 2009 $100 bill was presented on April 21, 2010. Public issuance began on February 11, 2011. In spite of the redesign, 100 dollar bill dimensions have remained the same.

How to Identity the Bill

Two of the bills’ most distinguishing elements are the color-changing bell and inkwell and 3D ribbon. These were included to make it harder to counterfeit. Here are other ways to spot a fake and a real one: one, the ribbon has to be woven into the bill; fake bills usually have the ribbon printed on top. Hold the bill and move it up and down. Make sure the bells are transformed into 100s. The real bill also has a security thread built in with USA 100.

100 dollar bill dimensions are easily copied by hoaxers. However, its features are hard to duplicate. If you are given a counterfeit 100 dollar bill, hand it over to a police officer immediately.

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