Baking Sheet Sizes

Baking sheet sizes are influenced by rim dimensions and style. The following values are therefore only approximates.

Standard Sizes and Name Conventions

The full size is 26 inches wide with a depth of 18 inches. Its height is one inch. The two thirds/three quarters are 15 inches deep, 21 inches wide and an inch high. The half is 13 inches deep, 18 inches wide and an inch high. A quarter sheet is 13 inches deep, an inch high and nine inches wide.

Types and Variants

Not only are there many baking sheet sizes; there are also many types. A jelly roll pan is one with a continuous lip on every side. A cookie sheet is different; one of its sides is flat so the baked product can slide off easily.


Different types are used. The preferred choice by professionals is aluminum. Those used are typically one inch high. At the edge is a raised lip. They are available in the sizes indicated earlier. Custom sizes are also available.

Commercial kitchens use the full size, 26 x 18 inch sheet pan. These dimensions are too large for standard size home ovens. Also used frequently is the three quarter 2/3 pan. Its dimensions are suitable for different types of baking. The half sheet has the same dimensions as the sheets sold in supermarkets.

Those are known as mass market sheets. For single layer rectangular cakes, the quarter sheet is used. Mass market sheets are in the quarter sheet variety. These pans are compatible with most kitchen equipment.

Coolings and Lines

There are bakers who prefer not to bake on the sheet directly. This is usually the case when baking sticky pastries and delicacies. For this reason they use a liner, aluminum foil, waxed paper or parchment paper. Silpat is a type of flexible silicone material that can be used repeatedly. There are other ways to keep food from getting stuck on the pan. You can put glaze on it for instance. Some pans are sold with glaze.

Other Information

These sheets are also known as baking trays. They can be used in many ways. They are often used for baking pastries, cookies rolls and cakes. These pans are ideal for preparing eggplants, sweet potatoes and broiling vegetables and other food.

Baking sheet sizes commercially available are designed to be compatible with most kitchen equipment. This means you don’t have to worry about incompatibility of any sort.

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