Dimension of a Toast-Tite

If you have never heard of a toast-tite, don’t be surprised. It’s a vintage piece of kitchen utensil that was made in the 1950s or much earlier. Its modern version is the pie iron and the sandwich grill. They are very similar but of course, there are a few differences as well. The most obvious is that, the toast-tite is the original and a lot of kitchen experts find it cool to own one.
So, What is a Toast-Tite?
A toast-tite is a basically a sandwich maker. It is the amazing tool behind the grilled cheese flying saucer, which is very popular some decades ago. It is also known as the campfire sandwich maker. It is quite very popular among boy scouts of yesteryear because it is perfect company.
Toast-tites are no longer being manufactured today and most probably that is where public interest surge is rooted. Suddenly, some people become interested owning one, even bargaining for a price at e-commerce sites such as ebay.
That’s a good clue, if you want to buy a toast-tite and own one for your home, ebay is a good source. There are vintage units available. They are used, of course, but they are all in perfect condition. You will never have problems about making flying saucer shaped sandwiches because you can do it best with one.
Dimension of a Toast-Tite
A toast-tite is a special kind of sandwich and pie maker. Grilled cheeses, grilled hamburgers, and apple pies are just some of the delectable recipes you can prepare with it.
It is pretty easy to use a toast-tite. You just need to put two pieces of bread or pita or whatever base you want onto the cups, spread some filling of your choice, seal the metal cups and put it over any kind of fire or heat available. In a few minutes, you will be treated to a nice, hot pocket of meal.
When you close the metal cups shut, that’s where the magic inside the toast-tite begins. Your two slices of bread seal tightly around the filling. That’s how you get the pocketful of delectable goodness in a flying saucer shaped meal.
The dimension of a toast-tite is normally 15.5 inches in length with the cups measuring 4.5 inches in diameter each. There are longer and bigger toast-tites as well as shorter and smaller ones. But the given dimension above is the most common you can find on the market today.

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