Square Miles of California

California is the third largest state in the United States of America just behind Alaska and Texas. Besides that, it is the most populous state and it also produces the most wine, the most grapes, and the most turkeys in all of North America. Square miles of California amounts to 163,696. Every square mile of that total area speaks of a notable thing about this very popular state.

Fun Facts About California

California has the fastest growing economy. It was the first state to reach the trillion-dollar economy mark. If you measure California’s economy against other countries, it would have ranked number seven, ahead of Brazil.

California also enjoys a bountiful produce. It has been recorded that the state raises more turkeys than any other US state does. It also produces 300,000 tons of grapes and 17 million gallons of wine annually. Fallbrook is known as the Avocado Capital of the World. It hosts an annual event, the Avocado Festival, to celebrate it being the nation that grows the most avocados than in any other region.

California is a rich and diverse land. It is the home to some of the most endangered eco-communities. It enjoys a varied weather, from Mediterranean to Subarctic. Cold winters and hot summers have been recorded inland.

There are many other most, tallest, largest, and whatnots about California. Indeed, it is a very powerful state with a wealthy basket of blessings. Here are some more trivia about California:

* California boasts of being home to the tallest trees, the oldest trees, and the largest trees.

* Fresno, California proclaims itself as the Raisin Capital of the World.

* The largest three-day rodeo in all of America is held on the Fairgrounds in Red Bluff.

* The Iron Door Saloon, which is located in Groveland, is the oldest drinking establishment in California. It was built in 1852.

* Kennedy Mine, which is located in Jackson county, served as the richest gold mine in the world in 1850. It is also considered as the deepest mine in North America.

* The California State Railroad Museum, which is located in Sacramento, is the largest museum in North America with the same kind.

* The Hollywood Bowl is recognized as the largest outdoor amphitheater in the world.

* The San Francisco Bay is the largest landlocked harbor in the world.

* California is known for many tags: The El Dorado State, The Golden State, The Land of Milk and Honey, and The Grape State.

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