Average Hot Tub Dimensions

It is difficult to provide average hot tub dimensions because there are so many variations. But those in spa stores are usually at least six feet in diameter. Bigger ones are ten feet or more. Hot tubs for home use are usually 8 feet. There are also much larger spas reaching 30 feet in diameter.

Space and Location

Hot tubs or spas can be indoor or outdoor, but most prefer to have it installed outdoors. If you’re having trouble deciding where to put it, here’s a tip. Outline the chosen area with a rope. It helps in the visualization. Aside from aesthetics, other factors have to be considered. Does it offer privacy? Think of the view and electrical service too.

Once you pick the spot, the dimensions have to be considered next. Two factors come to play: the number of people going to use it at the same time and available space. A large hot tub is ideal if you entertain lots of friends. Get a smaller tub if it’s only for you for couples or a small family.

Entry Level Spas

These hot tubs are light and very easy to put together. Because these tubs are inexpensive, they are ideal for those on a budget. Their compact size is ideal for those with limited space. Most of them have open seating design. The majority can be used indoors or outdoors. Those that go beyond the average hot tub dimensions have more features. But they are also more expensive.

How a Spa Works

All hot tubs work basically the same way. Hot water is put into the tub. A heater is used to keep the water warm. The heater is crucial; it is used to keep the temperature constant so it remains warm when used. Jets are used to pump hot water.

The jets manage the water flow. This action generates the massage effect. The bubbling effect is produced by air pumping through the jets. The more jets are installed, the greater the massage-like feeling will be.

That is the reason why jets are so important. They are the forces which move water around. With enough of these, water will be circulated effectively. These components are what set a spa apart from a regular bathtub. That is also why expensive spas have plenty of them.

Whether you get average hot tub dimensions or not, remember that the seating capacity is influenced by its width and length.

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