What Size is a Wheel of Cheese?

Cheese is a delectable addition to any menu, whether it is a dish on its own or it is mixed with other ingredients for a recipe. It is also considered a significant player in Italian cuisine, which is mostly about pizzas and pastas, both require and enormous amount of different types of cheeses in the recipe.

Eating cheese on its own — or with bread, pasta, and whatnot — is definitely appetizing. We will fuel your appetite with information about a popular phrase ‘wheel of cheese’ so you get to know more about this widely popular dairy product.

What is a Wheel of Cheese?

A wheel of cheese is a big chunk of cheese, a block that is not yet sliced, not yet stripped of a protective rind covering. There are many different types of cheeses and each type dictates a different size for a wheel of cheese.

A wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, for example, usually weighs about 80 pounds. Other wheels of cheeses of different kinds may weigh more or less, depending on how they were packaged in the first place.

During the production process of cheese, it is made into a big wheel, usually covered in wax, to resist unwanted invasion of insects and bacteria. Restaurants and cooks who are mostly fashioned to deal with huge servings and helpings usually purchase cheese in a wheel.

Since a wheel of cheese is big enough, it expectedly demands a high price tag. That’s how the terms ‘Big Cheese’ and ‘Big Wheel’ cropped up. They were referred to people who can afford a wheel of cheese, thus, mean they are wealthy enough.

Different Cheeses, Different Flavors

There are numerous kinds of cheeses. Each has its own unique flavor, texture, and style, which make each perfect for a specific kind of recipe. If you are planning to cook with cheese, you better take note of some of the different types:

* Colby Cheese is an American cheese that is semi-soft and super creamy. It is made out of cow’s milk and is deemed perfect to combine with meat in a recipe or as a topping for a sub or any type of sandwich for that matter.

* Blue Cheese can either be made of goat’s milk or cow’s milk. The ‘blue’ refers to the mold spores that are included in it.

* Cheddar Cheese is a popular type of cheese worldwide, which lifted its name from an English village’s name. It is firm and has a mild to sharp flavors.

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