Alcohol Bottle Sizes

Alcohol bottle sizes come in different types and shapes, depending on their intended use. They are often available in the following volumes:

Sampler Size

When new brands of alcohol are introduced in the market, marketers sometimes put them in sampler sizes. These are often in 50 to 60 ml small bottles that contain just enough amounts for a user to try the brand. Alcohol bottle sizes for small quantities are also good for short trips, like what they hand out in school field trips or camping trips.

A size like 60 ml is sufficient for quickly disinfecting the hands and forearms, or for cleaning small utensils like a thermometer during a trip, although different bottle sizes may come in handy, too. Office workers may also like to carry sampler sizes in their shoulder or belt bags.

Personal Size

Personal size comes in 200 to 250 ml bottles, adequate for one person to use for about a month. Medium alcohol bottle sizes like these are sometimes placed in hand-carry bags but they are more suitably kept in office drawers or locker cabinets. Office workers or athletes may pull them out now and then for a quick splash after a hectic schedule.

Sharing Size

A sharing size is about 375 ml, although different bottle sizes may fit this category. People who are fond of sharing a quick splash of alcohol with friends may find this type among alcohol bottle sizes convenient to bring along. Or, a couple like sweethearts or a husband and wife who are on a trip may prefer having this with them. It may even be enough for use by a whole family.

Group Size

If the alcohol use is for a group of 7 to 10 people, then it should at least be a 500-ml bottle. This is good for a basketball team or a team of construction workers or campers. This is also ideal for use in clinics or lying-in small inns. For small provincial or local hospitals, different alcohol bottle sizes, from group size and up, are also recommendable. However, full-fledge or tertiary hospitals have a different need.

Hospital Size

Hospital size ranges from 750 ml to 1,750 ml or a jug. And boxes or crates of hospital-size containers are often necessary to cover the disinfecting or sterilizing needs of a hospital. As far as size standards are concerned, there are different bottle sizes for different countries. In Europe it’s often 700 ml. In the US, it’s often 750 ml. And the percentages of alcohol content also varies.

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