Size of a Basting Syringe

If you think syringe is only heard in the medical world, think again. There is a type that plays a very significant role in food preparation. Yes, you read that right, a syringe, specifically a basting syringe can be found in many kitchens. It is mostly used by cooks for countless of flavorful recipes.

What is a Basting Syringe For?

A basting syringe is quite very popular around Thanksgiving when almost every home is preparing for a roast turkey dinner. It is used to secure that the meat is imparted with all the flavors of the marinade deep within. With this magical tool, meats can be kept moist and tasty, oozing with flavors.

A basting syringe is also used in plating, when cooks need to dress up their recipes. It comes in handy whenever there is a need to insert some tasty goodness inside an eggshell, for example. It can be quite a complicated recipe but some cooks have found a magnificent way of presenting rich custard using a basting syringe. The egg, which is also used in the recipe, is extracted from the shell using the syringe. The aim for this is to keep the shell whole, unbroken, with only a little hole. Into that small whole, the syringe goes in again, with a rich custard mixture. When the egg is filled with the mixture, the whole is sealed then it is steamed until the mixture is cooked. Voila, you instantly get custard goodness in an eggshell – literally!

Size of a Basting Syringe

A basting syringe looks more like any ordinary syringe that you can find in your doctor’s office. Some, however, are designed to look more like kitchen tool than a doctor’s device. The ones that are commonly found in the market nowadays have a rubber squeeze bulb at the bottom, a tube in the middle, and a tip that will hold the surgical grade, stainless steel needle.

Usually, a basting syringe is about three to five inches in length. Sizes vary, depending on the kitchen tool model and the manufacturer. Since many cooks have discovered the magic it can provide countless dishes, it has become in demand. A lot of kitchen tools manufacturers went out of their way to offer a different version.

With a basting syringe, you will have no problem keeping roast meats moist and very flavorful. It also plays an integral role in some other stylish recipes that will not only whet your appetite but also make your eyes go w-o-w.

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