How Small are Crochet Needles?

Crochet is a wonderful craft to get into. It allows you to create many interesting items that can be used in your daily life. You can crochet anything from table centerpiece to doll dress to sweat shirts. To be able to be effective in crochet, aside from knowing the basic steps that will help get you started, you also need to be properly equipped.

The right crochet needles, commonly known as the crochet hook, must be combined with the right thread to achieve success.

Choosing your Hook

When choosing the right hook, size matters a lot. There are different crochet need sizes that will allow you to different results. How small are crochet needles? Their size range from 2 mm to 16 mm. How small or big you need depends on what kind of craft you are getting into.

The small to medium hooks are applicable to a wide range of thread types from the fine silk variety to the rug yarn variety. The jumbo hooks, which are larger, are good for bulky threads while the extra large hooks, are mostly used for fabric strips and rug yarns.

The basic principle, to get the best hook you need, is to decide on what craft you will do first then, buy your yarn. After seeing how thick or thin your yarn is, it would be much easier for you to find which hook will suit you best. You may also ask around the store for some good advice.

Different Hooks, Different Effects

Aside from the difference in size, there are other factors from which crochet needles or hooks are classified.

There is the material of which it was made. Aluminum hooks may be the most popular but they are not the only ones available. There are also wooden and plastic hooks.

There are specialty hooks that are intended for specialty crochet patterns.

The Afghan or Tunisian hook is for making stitches that look similar to those you get from knitting. The thecro hook is for making double-sided crochet patterns. The cro-tat hook is for those who want a combined effect of tatting and crochet. The Jiffy Lace Needles are crochet hooks that are jumbo in size and are suitable for making a broomstick lace. The Travel Hook is double-ended. One end has a different size of hook from the other end so you get to hit two needs with just one tool. The Maltese Crochet, the Hairpin Lace Loom, and the Crochet Fork all account for a single effect. That is, making a looped lace from a row of crochet stitches.

Before learning to crochet, you have to know and understand hooks well. You should know that sizing can be different from country to country and from manufacturer to manufacturer. So when buying one, it is best that you buy in person.

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