How big is a C Section Scar



One of the concerns of mothers who have just given birth via c section is the scar from the incision. 
C section is a medical procedure where the mother’s abdomen is incised, either from just under the belly button down to where the pubic hair line starts or across to where the pubic hair line begins.
How Big is a C Section Scar?
Firstly, do not be alarmed if you see a long reddish line on your abdomen, about four to six inches long; sometimes longer if the baby is big. As the weeks progress after you’ve just had your baby, you will notice that the scar is getting smaller and smaller.
Typically, a c section cut will reduce in size about half of the size of the incision. So if you have a c section cut of about four to six inches, the scar will decrease by half to about two to three inches.
Over time, you will hardly notice that the scar is there as the redness will subside and it will more or less take on the natural color of your skin tone. 
Healing Process
Giving birth via section means that the mother needs to stay in the hospital for at least three to four days after delivering the baby. Once the mother gets home, she is still required to take things slowly, avoiding lifting heavy objects or straining the body too much which may cause the incision to open.
Depending on what type of material was used to close the incision, whether it was stapled or sutures were used, the doctor will take out the staple wires before the mother goes home or in the case of sutures; the sutures will melt in a few days. 
The mother may feel occasional pain on the incision and in this case, doctors will usually prescribe pain relievers which are safe to take particularly if you are breastfeeding.
It is normal to feel a little bit of itching on the scar as it begins to heal and as pubic hair starts to grow on the area that was shaved prior to delivery. 
However, if there is swelling and redness that persists a few weeks after delivery or if there is pus oozing from the scar, it is of utmost importance that the mother visit her doctor right away.
The incision may have become infected and immediate attention is needed to avoid further infection or in worst case scenarios, the cut opening once again. 
Follow-up check-ups are therefore very important so the doctor can see if you are healing properly.

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