Most Polluted Countries

Pollution is a global problem in that in not only affects the people and their environment within countries where pollution is bad but it contributes a large part to global warming as well.

If you lived in any of the most polluted countries in the world listed below, you probably wouldn’t think twice about moving to another country where the air is healthier and water is cleaner.

On the other hand, if you were to move to another country, you would most likely think twice about moving to any of the countries listed below because of the health hazards that they pose.

4 of the Most Polluted Countries in the World

In no particular order, below is a list of some of the most polluted countries across the globe. Hygiene and sanitation are of course two of most serious consequences of pollution, negatively affecting one’s health which could ultimately result in a number of diseases.

1. China – This country may be an industrial giant, but with this economic standing comes dire consequences on the environment. Industrial emissions have rendered most parts of China without potable water – there are approximately half a billion people in China who don’t have potable water.

Also, do not be surprised if you see China’s once blue skies shrouded in grayish smog.

2. Peru – This country is up to its neck in environmental issues. It suffers from a bad case of deforestation for one thing. Then there are issues on air and water pollution, not to mention erosion and pollution of its soil.

Industrial emissions as well as vehicular emissions play a huge part in the country’s air pollution problems, particularly in the country’s capital cit of Lima.

3. Kuwait – The Gulf War left devastating effects in Kuwait’s environment that residents still suffer from even a decade after the war. Oil spills, even after they have been cleaned up. Coral reefs were devastated and oil still covers huge parts of the country’s seas.

Due to residues of depleted uranium, children in the country have developed and still are developing serious illnesses, foremost of which is the life-threatening disease known as leukemia.

4. India – Imagine being surrounded by billions of liters of waste – about 3 billion, in fact – and living with these day-in and day-out. Serious health issues are sure to arise if you have to constantly live with this much waste every single day of your life.

Eighty percent of the country’s waste products go straight into the waters of the country which has rendered most of the country’s bodies of water hazardous for people.

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