100 Gallon Aquarium Dimensions

100 gallon aquarium dimensions are available in different sizes. The most common are 72 long x 18 wide x 18 high, 60 long x 18 wide x 21 high and 48 long x 24 wide x 24 high. But some companies manufacture them in other dimensions. There are many ways to set up this kind of aquarium.

A Coffee Table Substitute

These 100 gallon types are ideal decoration for homes. Several of these tanks are designed to function as coffee tables too. Innovative designs allow uptake tubes and tank filters to simulate plants. This gives the unit a natural appearance. In spite of the look, the filters and pumps still work as usual.

Wall Aquariums

100 gallon aquarium dimensions are ideal for those who are building a new house. This gives you the chance to build the unit right into one of the walls. This setup conceals the pumps and filters. This configuration also makes cleaning less strenuous. The space at the rear gives you room to work the aquarium.

The Reef Tank

100 gallon tanks are also ideal for making a reef tank. The large size allows for plenty of corals and fish. Space is very important for saltwater aquariums. Large amounts of water disburse ammonia, nitrates and other impurities. This reduces the chances of these contaminants killing invertebrates and fish.

Notes on Setting up Filters

Make sure the filters are clean. Do not assemble them until all foreign components have been removed. Otherwise, the water in the tank may get contaminated. Usually you have to place the plastic housing intake parts at the housing bottom.

The next step is to put in the filter cartridge. You need to wiggle this in to ensure it doesn’t come off. If the cartridge isn’t installed properly, it will come off when the filter runs.

The filter is then mounted at the tank’s side. When it is secure, plug in the filter. Most of these are plug and play; no switching required. The last step is to filter with water. Carefully pour some water in the tank into the filter reservoir. Let it cycle.

The filter is going to take the water out and pull in fresh water. If necessary, make adjustments to the filters. These aspects will be explained in the manual.

100 gallon aquarium dimensions today have many features. This means the price tag is going to vary a lot. You need to do some research before buying one of these.

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