Sizes of Electric Blankets

Sizes of electric blankets are patterned after bed dimensions. You will see them sold for king, queen, double/full and other bed sizes. The blankets are designed to cover up to a few inches of the bed’s sides.

Picking the Right Blanket

If you are sleeping alone, matching blanket / bed specs will be fine. But if you are sharing the bed with someone, buy a blanket that is one or two sizes up. If you are sleeping on a twin bed, get a blanket for queen beds.

How Electric Blankets Function

These blankets come with a flexible heating element array. It is situated between the blanket’s bottom and top fabric. The heating elements can be felt quickly. If you bring the blanket up, you will see them. These elements encompass the majority of the blanket. The only parts not covered are the sides and the top. The top isn’t covered for safety reasons.

These blankets come with a temperature control. The range is from 10 or H (hottest) to 1 (coolest). At the hottest level, you will end up sweating. However, you can adjust the setting easily. There are some blankets which have dual control. This is ideal if your partner prefers a different temperature setting. There are also blankets which have preheating controls. This will warm up your bed even before you get on it.


Aside from the sizes of electric blankets, you also have to consider the fabric quality. Most of them do not feel as plush and thick as the average blanket. This has to do with the blanket structure and the controls built in.

That is one reason why many buyers prefer to examine the blankets in person. This gives you a chance to see how thick it is. If the blanket is too thin, better look for another one. The more ideal ones are those which are more akin to regular blankets.

Not only are sizes of electric blankets varied, but so are their patterns. Some have classic velour while others with supersoft materials. They also have different features such as energy saving, auto shut off and others.

The majority of these blankets have the auto shut off at 10 hours. Some of them lower the temperature when you are sleeping during the evening. This is done to save energy. This is good only if you sleep deeply. For a light sleeper, this will not work.

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