How Big is a 3 Car Garage

Whether you are looking to get a third car for your family or you have three cars that have always been parked just outside your house, it is important to know the exact dimensions of a 3-car garage before building one to ensure that all your cars will fit in the garage with room to spare for movement.
The size of your garage will not only depend on the number of cars that you have but also on several other factors such as the design of your garage whether you want to have one with windows, extra room for storing other things or if you also want to use this as your tool shed and workshop.
How Big is a 3 Car Garage?
Average dimensions of a 3-car garage without extra trimmings are approximately 32 feet wide and 24 feet deep. This size is also just right for regular cars, not so much for trucks and SUVs – unless you’re okay with a tight squeeze in between cars when getting in and out of each one.
If you don’t have a truck or SUV and are not thinking of getting any of these bigger-sized vehicles, then the above dimensions are okay. However, what are the chances that you will never consider getting a bigger car in the future? 
It is therefore important to build a 3-car garage with the largest dimensions that your space and your budget can afford. Over time, you may also find that your garage has turned into a storage room of sorts where you keep your lawn mower, ladder and other equipment.
Having more room than no room is always better when it comes to garages. 
Recommended 3 Car Garage Size
If you want more space for storing your stuff, more room to walk around in and a wide enough gap between cars to let you slip in and out your cars with ease; your minimum dimensions should be at least 24 feet deep and 36 feet wide. 
This will give you approximately 30 inches of free space between your cars and between the walls of your garage and the outer cars. In addition, you will still have plenty of room for other items that you may want to store in the garage particularly those tools that you need to have within reach for fixing and checking your cars.
Also, the recommended height of your garage doors for this garage size is 18 feet in height. This will give you plenty of headroom particularly if you are transporting tall objects or equipment on your truck. 

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