Double-sided Key Dimensions

A double-sided key is not that different from a car key or a house key. In fact, as long as it has two sets of teeth, it is considered a double-sided key. The upper set of teeth is usually a standard set while the lower set is less defined. Compared to a cut key, this one is more complex because such lock system is more difficult to pick. Aside from these fascinating facts, it is also interesting to find out the dimensions of a double-sided key.

The Dimensions of a Double-sided Key

The size of a double-sided key varies depending on the type of key. For instance, the length of a double-sided house key is a little more than 5.08 centimeters or 2 inches. Meanwhile, a double-sided car key is relatively bigger at the length of 7.62 centimeters or 3 inches. Smaller keys are also available, some of which are as little as 2.54 centimeters or just an inch in length.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Although the appearance of a double-sided key is somewhat similar to a standard key, its lock is definitely harder to pick. A key is very important because a lock usually does not open without the appropriate key. The two main parts of a key are the bow and the blade. The bow is the part that users usually hold to turn the key once it is placed inside the keyway. On the other hand, the blade is the part that slides through the keyway. It possesses the profile of the key, which individualizes each key and separates it from the rest of other keys.

A key is an inexpensive way of authenticating the access of people to vehicles, buildings and other types of properties. It is widely used all over the world, which has become part of modern day living. Keys are usually held by a keychain, which makes it more convenient to carry keys.

There are various types of keys, the most common of which is a house key. Another widely used type of key is the automobile key or car key, which is needed to open and start vehicles. Aside from this, there is also the master key, which is designed to open several locksets. For core locking systems that are removable, a control is commonly used.

In addition to the most common types of keys, you can also find Zeiss key or cruciform key, a barrel key or tubular key and passkey or skeleton key. Moreover, there is also the dimple key, abloy key as well as internal cut key.

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