Christmas Angels Sizes

Angels played an important role in the birth of Jesus Christ. This is why they are an important symbol for Christmas – that time when the world celebrates the birth of Christ.

Angel ornaments can be found in homes come Christmastime, adorning Christmas trees and table tops. There are various Christmas angels sizes that can be readily purchased today, whether online or in your usual outlet malls and department stores.

You will find that these ornamental angels are made from different materials usually glass, wood and metal with a silver or gold finish.

Christmas Angels Sizes

Tree Toppers

If you’re looking for angels that you can place on top of your tree, check out angels that come in sizes ranging from ten inches, twelve inches and fourteen inches high.

The size has to just right to fit your tree size so you won’t have an angel that looks rather too small or too big for your tree.

Usually, angel tree toppers are adorned with white and gold garments, a golden halo resting on the heads and elaborate wings.

If you have a bigger tree, look for an angel with dimensions of around 11 inches in width by 16 inches in height.


Angel figurines are also popular during the holidays and you can place these on your living room table or any place around the house. There are various sizes for these as well, usually starting at twelve inches high, going up to fifteen inches, twenty inches and all the way up to thirty-six inches high.

The garments are actually what adds accents to the angels and a few have elaborate designs, complete with folds on the flowing shiny dresses. There are also different designs for these angels with some carrying a harp, others a trumpet still others simply have their arms outstretched in a welcoming stance.

Tree Ornaments

Finally, there are your angel tree ornaments. These are typically made of glass or crystal materials making them look even more elegant than they already are. Depending on the size of your tree, you can find several different sizes for these tree ornaments to fit your tree size.

Generally, angel tree ornaments measure approximately 2.5 inches up to 3 inches tall. There are also angels that are not standing but are instead made in a sort of floating position as if they are suspended on air and the average size for these is about 7 inches long.

As with your angel tree toppers and figurines, these angels also come in different styles. There are angels that are blowing on trumpets and there are also those that have their hands folded in a praying position.

Whatever type of angel you decide to get, these Christmas angels are perfect additions to your holiday decorations.

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