Santa’s Reindeer Sizes

Santa’s fleet of flying reindeer came into being in the 1823 classic poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” There were eight of them and in the poem, the list of reindeer started with Dasher, followed by Dancer; and then Prancer and Vixen were mentioned next.

Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen were mentioned in the last line of the second verse.

From this reference, some of the reindeer’s names evolved; with Donder sometimes being referred to as Donner or Dunder, and Blitzen came to be known also as Blixem or Bliksem.

Santa's Reindeer Sizes

First of all, did you know that Santa’s reindeer were all female? Judging from how they were depicted in Christmas stories, come winter time they all still had their antlers on.

Male reindeer, also called bucks, lose their antlers before the height the winter some time around October or November. Female reindeer or does lose their antlers some time in the first month of the year which is January.

This being said, it is safe to assume that all of Santa’s reindeer are indeed females. As for Santa’s reindeer sizes, females can grow up to three to four feet high and can weigh up to two hundred pounds or roughly ninety kilograms.

With Santa’s reindeer all looking robust, except for the famous Rudolph, it may be said that they have reached their full potential when it comes to height and poundage or at least pretty close it.

Santa's Reindeer Designations

Each of Santa’s reindeer has their own duties and responsibilities. There are references that say that Dasher takes care of keeping Santa’s sleigh clean and shiny.

She also has the very important task of ensuring that the navigation system is working properly so they won’t get lost as they move from house to house come Christmas Eve.

Dancer on the other hand, keeps everyone at the workshop entertained with her dance recitals. The elves especially love to watch her perform.

Prancer also takes care of the entertainment around the workshop. She oversees activities that provide fun and enjoyment including movie nights on Fridays.

Vixen is a prim and proper reindeer who has to make sure that all the other reindeer take care of their hygiene; while Comet is more of a straight A student who hopes to one day become a teacher.

Cupid, the ever-romantic reindeer busies herself finding suitable matches for her reindeer friends. She runs the newspaper, “The Cupid Times.” Donder meanwhile, oversees that all the other reindeer are eating properly. She also runs a training camp.

Blitzen makes sure that Santa, the other reindeer and the sleigh get through blizzards when they go around the world to distribute gifts to children.

Finally, there’s Rudolph the most popular reindeer of the lot. Since the time he led the way with his bright red nose through heavy fog, he has been leading the team every Christmas Eve.

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