Cabbage Sizes

Certain varieties of cabbages hold various cabbage sizes. CabbageTo see what type or size you would be best for your tastes, here is some interesting information about each variety:

The Savoy Cabbage

Also known as the curly cabbage, the Savoy cabbage has a lacy and ruffled appearance with ridged and loosely layered leaves. It actually is so pleasing and pretty to look at than other types. When taken fresh, this is perfect to add in most salads for that crisp and fresh taste. In cooking, it is best to prepare this by braising it butter or stir-frying it.

Some groceries sell this at a size of around 12 by 16 inches. Others have about 25.1 by 30 cm for their products.

The Green Cabbage

The green cabbage is said to be a longer lasting type of cabbage. It appears solid and compact and is perfect for slaws or salads. Others prefer to cook this long enough in order to get its sweet taste. Cabbage sizes can be as small as a softball or as big as a basketball. Specifically, these would have measurements of around 1 to 2 kg or 2 to 3 kg.

The Red Cabbage

The appearance of the red cabbage is similar to the green cabbage except, of course, for its color. In size, it is smaller, but also tightly packed and fresh-looking. You can mix this with the green cabbage in salads or slaws.

When you choose to cook it, you may notice that it changes to a blue color. In mitigating this, simply add lemon juice or vinegar.

Typically, the head size of this type of cabbage is at 2 to 4 kg.

The Napa Cabbage

The Napa cabbage may seem like combining Swiss chard and romaine lettuce. With leaves that are long and light green in color, this type of cabbage is also known as the celery cabbage or Chinese cabbage to most buyers. It produces a mild flavor when added to salads or stir-fry dishes. One of its typical measurements is around 9 to 11 lbs in weight.

The Bok Choy

This particular cabbage variety also has a mild flavor like the Napa cabbage. But if you braise it or stir-fry it, this cooking process can help bring out that delicious sweet flavor of this type of cabbage. Its weight is around the range of about 3 to 6 pounds. It also has a baby Boy Chok cabbage variety that you can cook whole or loose in different dishes.

Typical cabbage sizes are measured by taking the weight of the cabbage heads for the different cabbage types. Some have almost the same weight range, others do not. While you take note of the size you would like to buy, don’t forget to check your preferences in taste and quality as well.

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