VGA Port

The VGA port dimensions are 0.75 centimeter high and 1.5 centimeters wide. While the VGA port can still be found in some computers, newer computers have DVI (Digital Visual Interface). In some units, DVI and VGA are built in together.


VGA means Video Graphics Array. The VGA port or connector is also called mini D15, mini sub D1, D Sub 15, and RGB connector. The 15 stems from the fact that it has 15 pins set in three rows.

The port is used to connect a monitor to the laptop or CPU. The connector can also be found on HDTVs and video cards. Many of the existing VGA connectors have plug and play support.

The VGA Pin Arrangement

When studying the VGA port dimensions, you must also consider the pin configuration. The (1, 6), (2, 7), (3, 8) pairs are used for relaying the RGB (red, green and blue) colors. Pins number 5 and 10 are utilized for ground. Pins 13 and 14 are utilized for horizontal and vertical syncing.

VGA and DVI Ports

If the video card does not come with a video card, it means the port used is DVI. However, there are DVI port adapters so you can use it with VGA.

VGA Connector Types

Four types of VGA connectors are available. The original connector is known as the VGA15 pin-out connector. Next is the DE-9 connector. The third variant is called DDC2 pin-out.

The fourth variant is the mini-VGA. This is the one used on notebooks and laptops. This connector can also be found in some eMacs, PowerBooks and iMacs. The iBook also has this connector. Some HP computers like the HP Minis and HP Touchsmart use these too.

VGA for Video Cards

These connectors are known as the HD-15, High-Density 15 or DE-15. These are also known erroneously as DB-15 or HDB-15. These connectors are used for transmitting video signals. Apart from those signals, the connectors are also used for carrying the DDC2 digital clock and other information.

Mini VGA Ports

If space is restricted, some computer makers use the mini VGA. Although VGA is used mostly for computers, it is now being used for mobile devices too. Specs for VGA differ, but 600 x 800 pixels and 70 Hz refresh rates are common.

No matter what the VGA port dimensions are, you should still be able to find them in some computers. Just like with other computer peripherals, make sure you study the specs.

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