Smallest Keyboard

The world’s smallest keyboard is the Super Tiny Keyboard. It measures 170 x 73 x 15 mm. This static resistant device has 56 keys and weighs 116 g. This USB device is equipped with a retractable cable.


This is a device used for entering text into a computer. It is also used for switching between open applications, moving across documents and in video games, controlling characters.


The device’s origins can be traced to the typewriter. Originally, they were intended for use with terminals. These “computers” were driven by text. They have no support for graphics.

They can only display the 26 letters of the English alphabet, punctuation and numbers. The user would type commands and hit the return or Enter key to execute it.

As computers became more complex, its features increased. Modifier keys like Alt (alternate) and Ctrl (control) were added. This allowed the device to perform other functions. Arrow keys were added as word processing programs became popular.


The world’s smallest keyboard uses the QWERTY layout and so do almost all keyboards used in the US. This is also known as the ANSI QWERTY keyboard. This was instituted by the American National Standards Institute.

ISO QWERTY layouts are more commonplace. Here, the return key is shaped like an L backwards. A key is also set between the left Shift and Z keys. Other countries have slight variations to suit their respective languages.

How Keyboards Work

Regardless of their size, these devices work in pretty much the same way. The keycap (that is the top of the key) is hit by the user. This causes it to go down and activate a switch below it. The device is linked to the computer’s circuitry, allowing it to detect the action. As soon as the key is pressed, the computer will perform the appropriate action.


These devices are available in a variety of styles. Some are rectangular, while others are more ergonomically shaped. Some keycaps are flat, but others are keys that go down the sides. Several models have indentations at the top.

Many keyboards have extra function keys between the Ctrl and Alt keys. Even though there are many styles, these devices are very easy to install and just requires plugging it in the port.

Many people like to use the world’s smallest keyboard not just for the aesthetics. It is also used by those who need a compact and portable device.

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