How Large is a Generator

Generator sizes are measured in kilowatts (kW), not the physical dimensions. The higher the kW, the more power the system will have.

Generator Power Guide

A unit with 5 kW can power several basic appliances. These will include a refrigerator, sump pump, furnace fan and up to four lights. The 6.5 kW unit can power up all the appliances listed earlier plus a few more. The 6.5 kW should also be enough for the family room.

The 8 kW will light up those appliances including the home office and the family room. A 10 kW unit can run all those plus the kitchen. If you want to power up a small house, a 15 kW generator size is required.

The 25 kW unit is like a small power plant. This is good enough to run a small business or a mid size home. The 30 kW units are ideal for large homes and businesses.

Portable Generators

These devices can provide temporary electrical power to appliances. Most of them run on either diesel or gas. Designs differ, but most have an engine that turns a turbine.

This produces electricity. The wattage will depend on the unit design. One can then connect tools or appliances to the unit’s sockets. Some portable systems can be wired into the home as well.

Other Uses

Besides the home, this portable system can be used to power up remote sites. They can be employed to light up a specific area. The same system can be utilized to light a sporting venue in case of power failure.

This can also be used to run the scoreboard. Most of the time though, these are used by people to keep their appliances running in case of a power outage.

As indicated earlier, the power of these devices vary. The average sized unit should be able to power up a freezer, TV and the fridge. Several lights can also be powered up.


These devices have numerous regulators because they produce electricity. The engine spins at 3600 rpm to produce the 60Hz AC used in the US. A “governor” is used to manage the engine speed. There are also features that keep the out at 120v.

Whatever the generator sizes are, they should be run only outdoors and in dry conditions. The unit must never be touched with wet hands. You can install a canopy to protect the unit from rain. But make sure the surface it is on is dry.

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