Jacuzzi Dimensions

When people talk about Jacuzzis they mainly refer to any bath that has water jets in them. However, the term Jacuzzi jacuzziis actually a brand name of spas and whirlpool bathtubs. Nowadays even after all the attempts at curbing the uses of the term; people generally just regard a hot tub or a spa that has water jets or water pumps as a Jacuzzi. We’ll go over Jacuzzi dimensions and various considerations on selecting one.

Understanding the Purpose

People often want to deal with the Jacuzzi dimensions first before dealing with anything else. However, the very first thing they should actually consider before dealing with the size of a Jacuzzi is its intended purpose. You should define whether you want to have one for home therapy or just as a spa.

Decide whether to buy it to create a relaxing bathing environment or is it there for fun and entertainment. After deciding on your intended purpose only then should you consider the Jacuzzi dimensions and type you want to buy. Good spa options include both a whirlpool tub and an air bath whirlpool. The heater models and steam shower types are great for therapy and relaxing bath times. If ever you only have enough space, you can get space saver ones that have minimal Jacuzzi dimensions.

Dimensions and Costs

After considering the uses and types you should now consider the Jacuzzi dimensions. Related to its dimensions would be the cost of your chosen type of Jacuzzi. Take note that the size alone will not dictate the cost you will incur when purchasing one. The cost will also be affected by its quality and the type of model you buy.

Your basic Jacuzzi will range from $1,000 to even more than $14,000 just for the basic tub. If you add in showers and other features, you’ll have to add another $800 to around $5,000. Your cost will greatly depend on the size of your Jacuzzi and other additional items depending on your desired purpose.

A 60 by 60 by 30 inch whirlpool Jacuzzi that is of good quality will cost about $1,300. It will come with a showerhead and multiple massage jets. A smaller 54 x 54 x 24 inch Jacuzzi corner tub will cost about $1,000, which is one of you basic types of Jacuzzi options.

Obviously, as you go for larger Jacuzzi dimensions the price will go higher. Other factors that would contribute to the escalating prices would include elaborate additional features. Some of which include wave pulse controls, backrests, armrests, illumatherapy and chromatherepy lights, slip resistant features, heating systems, and adjustable jets.

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