How Big is a King Size Bed


A King size bed will provide any sleeper with the ultimate comfort and relaxation after a hard day’s work. This size is big enough for two with loads of room to comfortably sleep at night without being nudged, elbowed or kneed in the middle of the night.
This size is usually found in the master’s bedroom where couples sleep. If you are a single sleeper however, this bed may just be a tad big for you.
How Big is a King Size Bed?
Dimensions of this bed actually depend on what type of King bed you are getting and from where. In US standard sizes, a King size bed will measure approximately seventy-six inches wide and eighty inches long, giving each person sharing the bed about thirty-eight inches of personal space.
If you are getting your King bed from the United Kingdom, be prepared to get something that is lesser both in width and length. UK standard King is only about sixty inches in width by seventy-eight inches in length. 
This size is actually closer to the US standard Queen bed mattress. 
Furthermore, in the United States, there are several other types of King size beds. If you wish to have more length on your bed, you may want to look at a California King bed which measures approximately seventy-two inches in width and eighty-four inches in length.
With this size however, you will get a lower personal space in width; only about thirty-six inches per person.
Now for the mother of all King beds, go for a Grand King which measures approximately eighty inches in width by ninety-eight inches in length. This bed gives each person personal space of about forty inches.
The UK’s Super King doesn’t even come close to the Grand King. A Super King bed size is only about seventy-two inches in width and seventy-eight inches in length.
King Size Beddings
Once you’ve gotten your King size bed, the next thing you’ll want to consider is the bedding. Since you already know the exact dimensions of your King size bed, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting the right beddings that will fit your bed mattress.
For fitted sheets, you should get the exact dimensions similar to your mattress as you want these sheets to snugly fit your mattress. For flat sheets however, these should be a bit longer and wider.
A standard King size bed will need flat sheets of about 108 inches in width by 102 inches in length. For your King size comforter, look for one that measures approximately 100 inches in width by 90 inches in length.

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