What is the Size of an Electric Air Pump?

The electric air pump sizes differ because there are several kinds used. Some pumps measure 8.9 x 6.2 x 5.5 inches. Other pumps have dimensions of 10 x 7 x 6 inches. Not only are the sizes different, but so are the features.


Various kinds of portable and inflatable pumps are powered by electricity. The basic design is not that different from the typical pump. The difference is the mechanical power; it is provided by electricity.

These devices are not like the ordinary pumps. They make it easier to inflate various objects like toys, balls and mattresses. While the electric air pump sizes vary, they have some common features. They do not consume a lot of energy. These are also quiet.


The most basic will have a mobile piston, the device used for putting air in objects. The compressors are heavier and use a lot of energy. These are similar to bicycle pumps but they use electrical power. Others look like bellows. Some use electrical power and foot power in combination.

Air compressors are among the most outstanding examples of pumps that use electrical power. Air is pulled and squeezed at high pressure. The temperature used is low. This is the method used for inflating tires. These compressors can be quite large however.

Important Features

If you are going to use the pump extensively, a high powered compressor is required. The inflation method used should be looked into as well. Some have a one-way control device, but others do not. If it has a one-way regulator, the low-speed variants may be sufficient.

The device should also be low maintenance. The last thing you want is a device that keeps breaking down. Most of these devices are compact. If space is an issue, look for those with small electric air pump sizes.

Other Considerations

Some units have a battery back-up. These are usually more expensive. But if you need the pump all the time, it is a worthy investment. Before you use the device, be certain it is suitable for the object. Tires for example, require a lot of pressure. The pressure is different for other objects.

If you are buying the pump online, do so from a reputable store. Visit the company website and look for more information about the product. You should also check what people have to say about it. If the reviews are generally positive, you can be assured of its quality.

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