Escalator Dimensions

Escalator dimensions will depend on the manufacturer. The following are some escalator models and their specifications. These do not necessarily apply to other models.

The Fujitec Escalators

There are three types available: the Type VS, Type VL and Type VP. The Type VS has tempered glass and the Type VL has lighting below the handrail. The Type VP is constructed of stainless steel.

The width between the balustrades is 2′-7½" for the VL model 800 and 3”-11¼” for the model 1200 VL. For the VP model 800, it is 2′-3 9/16" and for the VP model 1200 it is 3′-7 5/16".

The escalator dimensions, in terms of step width, are 2′ for the VP model 800 and 3′-3¾ for the VP model 1200. The inclination is 30 degrees for both 800 and 1200 models.

The speed is 30 (90fpm) for model 800 and model 1200. The capacity (passengers per 60 minutes) is 5000 for model 800 and 8000 for model 1200. The power is 200-460V 50/60Hz.

Other Specs of the Fujitec Escalators

The handrail is synthetic rubber and the handrail frame cover is hairline-finished stainless steel. Optionally it can be colored stainless steel or hairline-finished stainless steel gold. The interior of the balustrade is clear tempered plane glass for the VL and hairline-finished stainless steel for the VP.

The skirt guard is black resin coated steel sheet. The tread is aluminum alloy die-cast, as is the riser. The demarcation line is yellow resin. The comb is aluminum alloy. The landing plate can be aluminum alloy or etched stainless steel.

Slim Line Escalator Dimensions

This is an indoor escalator with a transit time of 16 hours a day. The inclination degree is 30 degree / 35 degree. The vertical height is 1.0 – 7.5m and the step width is 600 / 800/ 1000 mm. The curvature radius is 1500 / 2700 mm. The hormonal steps are 2/3.

The speed is 0.5m/s. The maximum capacity is 4500 / 6750 / 9000 persons / hour. The power supply is 3-pahse AC (400V (380V) / 50HZ).
Other features that may be included are the outside cladding – colored anodized alloy, handrail speed monitor and stainless steel outside cladding.

More horizontal steps can be added. Other optional features that may be included are skirting lighting, a handrail speed monitor and an indicating arrow. Comb lighting, contact mats, photocell sensor, frequency converting system VVVF and skirt safety guard brush may be added too.

How an Escalator Works

There is an electric motor built in the unit. The motor moves the drive gear. The gear proceeds to put the rest of the machine in motion. One of the most vital components is the belt. Without it, many parts will not function. A handrail is included in all escalators for safety reasons.

The escalator dimensions and specs will depend on how it will be used and how many people it is expected to carry. These machines are used to reduce travel distance between floors. If you plan on including one, consult a qualified builder.

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