How Large is a Trout Net?

Trout net dimensions are diverse. Online you will see some measuring 11 x 15, 18 x 18, 15 x 12, 11 x 14 inches and so on. These are available in many stores, but you can build one easily.


You will need bark, vine or string. You also need a T-shirt, knife and forked limb.

Making the Net

Cut a tree limb so it is two inches in diameter. There should be a fork Y-shaped at the end. Use the knife to cut the limb. It should be 3 feet long and the forks at 1 1/2 feet. Get rid of any branches and leaves on it. Next you have to fasten the T-shirt neck and arms securely. Knot the neck opening and arm to make up the net’s bottom part.

The next step is make some slits a couple of inches off the T-shirt’s waist. Distribute the slits so they are an inch distant all the way round the waist.

Connect the T-shirt waist to the fork. Use lacing string to knot the fork and shirt. If you don’t have lacing string, use vine or thin bark strips. This procedure will work no matter what the trout net dimensions are.

How to Use the Net

Take the net and go to where the trout are. Go to the site from downstream. Trout usually face up when they eat. Put the net in the water and then bring it up.

How to Replace Trout Nets

If you bought a net, you should be able to use it for a long time. But prolonged use leads to wear and tear. If you need to replace them, begin by taking out the belt clip.

A flat headed screwdriver will do the trick. Use the nipple to remove the locking mechanism. The pinion screw should be retained. The hoop should be unlatched from the yoke. Remove the old net.

Next, hook one of the new net’s end to the hoop open end. Slide this until the entire net is in the right place. Set the hoop’s open end to the yoke. Put the pinion on the housing shift. Get the screwdriver and put the belt clip back in place.

One more thing needs to be said: trout net dimensions alone will not guarantee a good catch. You must also learn how to cast the net correctly. You also have to make sure you go to an area where the fish stay in.

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