Speaker Dimensions

Speakers are devices that convert electric signals to sounds. SpeakerA speaker will pulse according to the changes in electrical signals that in turn produces sound waves. Most of the modern systems that are designed for audio equipment will incorporate speakers. You can find speakers used in your car, home audio system, computers, MP3 players, and other devices that require or incorporate the production of sound. Those who are interested in constructing a sound system of their own will want to know the various speaker dimensions.

Speaker Dimensions

The speakers you might be familiar with will look like a cone, which is otherwise known as a diaphragm. The cone or diaphragm is connected to what is called a basket or speaker frame. Diaphragms are almost always manufactured with a dome shaped or cone shaped profile. Here are the speaker dimensions along with the usual parts that you will see.

The first thing you will usually notice when checking out speaker dimensions is the overall diameter of the basket. Sometimes when people are out shopping for one, they usually use this as the gauge on how large a speaker is or what size of speaker they are looking for. Overall sizes or diameters of baskets will vary depending on the manufacturer. However, you can usually get them in the standard sizes.

Standard basket sizes include diameters of three inches, four inches, five and one-fourth inches, six and a half inch diameter, eight inch, 10 inch, 12, 15, and 18 inch diameter baskets. Take note that though the packaging may designate a certain size on the label, actual sizes can and will vary at times regardless. The overall basket size is usually the part that remains visible to you after you insert the speaker into the cabinet.

There is also a minimum diameter of the basket which corresponds to the actual size of the hole of the cabinet where the speaker is to be fitted. This minimum diameter is usually just a fraction of a centimeter smaller than the overall diameter of the speaker’s basket. So, when you’re out looking for replacement speakers for your car or stereo system, you should be measuring the overall diameter of the speaker and not this interior diameter. These will also be the usual speaker dimensions you’ll be giving if you’re at an electronics store.

Computer Speakers

When you’re buying computer speakers or other speakers that are enclosed you ought to be measuring the entire box or cabinet. So, for example, if you’re looking for the usual box speakers that come with a brand new computer then the dimensions you want are 7cm x 18cm for a two-piece speaker. Of course, manufacturers always come up with various computer speaker dimensions so you should also expect to find 8cm x 9cm x 14cm size two-piece speakers. It would be best to inspect the specs of the speakers you want to buy beforehand.

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