Dimensions of a Notebook Docking Station

The notebook docking station dimensions are as varied as the notebooks themselves. Some are 7 x 3 x 10 inches, 8 x 4 x 12 inches, 11 x 6 x 13 inches and many more sizes are available. But their purpose remains the same: to let a laptop user gain access to other devices and peripherals. These docking stations expand the power of a laptop, in other words.


Although laptops are very convenient, they also have some drawbacks. By getting a docking station, using an external mouse or keyboard will be easier to do. This allows users to get the best out of their laptop computers.

In particular, the docking stations are suited for tablet PC users and those that use netbooks. Unlike high end laptops, the ports on netbooks are limited. Docking stations can make up for those drawbacks.

Regardless of the notebook docking station dimensions, these devices almost always have space for hard drives. This is another benefit that laptop users may appreciate.

Shopping for Docking Stations

Many docking stations are not model specific; that is, any docking station can be used with any type of notebook computer. However, the peripherals that will work with the docking station may vary. Check with the manufacturer first.

Note that docking stations rarely if ever come with the laptop. Another thing you should consider is the docking station connectors, specifically their location. Also there are some manufacturers making model specific docking stations. If you want to try these out, make sure to get your laptop make, model and manufacturer.

Legacy Devices

Keep in mind that most docking stations use USB ports instead of the PS/2. If you have some legacy devices that need PS/2, ensure the docking station has support for it.

Other Considerations

The most important thing to consider is compatibility. Make sure the docking station works with the devices you have in mind. Check with the manufacturer website before you place an order. it also helps if you read some reviews.

As these devices become more complex, being aware of the customer feedback will certainly be an advantage. It will help you see if the device works as advertised. It also helps you decide if the product is worth buying or not.

The notebook docking station dimensions are not as vital as the compatibility of the device. For new users, the ease with which it can be used must also be accounted for.

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