Halloween Pumpkin Size

Halloween pumpkin sizes will depend on the type of pumpkin you carve up. Here are some pumpkin varieties, their textures and their weight.

Standard Orange Pumpkins: Small

The standard orange pumpkins can be roughly divided into three parts. The small ones weigh 2 to 5 pounds. These include the Baby Bear, which has a somewhat flat shape; the Baby Pam, which has smooth skin and the New England Pie (used in pies).

Other small pumpkins are the Spooktacular (bright orange and ribbed), the equally bright Sugar Treat and the Winter Luxury (one of the oldest types around).

Standard Orange Pumpkins: Medium

If you want your Halloween pumpkin sizes bigger, you can try these, which grow anywhere from 8 to 15 pounds. These include the Autumn Gold, Bushkin and Frosty (all hybrid, with the latter having smooth skin). Other pumpkins that fit in this category are the Funny Face, Harvest Moon, Spirit and Young’s Beauty.

Standard Orange Pumpkins: Large

The large variants weigh at least 15 lbs and go up to 25 lbs. The Aspen is noted for its deep orange hue and even shape. The Big Autumn is yellow while the Connecticut Field is an old variety.

Other pumpkins in this category are the Ghost Rider (dark orange with a dark green stem); the dark orange Happy Jack and the Howden Field. This is regarded as the standard among pumpkins. Other pumpkins are the round Jackpot, the dark, heavy and tall Jumpin’ Jack and the large Pankow’s Field.

Jumbo Pumpkins

For those extra large Halloween pumpkin sizes, these 50 to 100 lb varieties will do just right. Among the variants here are the Atlantic Giant, Big Moon, Mammoth Gold, Big Max and Prizewinner.

How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin

Now that you have an idea of the pumpkin dimensions and their textures, you can choose which type to use for the pumpkin.

Required Tools and Materials

Pumpkin carving sets
Chef’s knives
Felt tip pens
Votive candleholders
Paring knives
Votive candles

Step 1

Choose a pumpkin; the size and shape is a matter of personal preference. If you want Halloween pumpkin sizes large, choose one of the jumbo varieties mentioned earlier.

Step 2

Draw a hexagon at the pumpkin’s top part. It has to be large enough to fit your hand.

Step 3

Cut along the stem using the shape you drew. You can utilize the knife or a pumpkin carving utility. A back and forth motion is needed for thick skins. Take off the stem end. Scrub off any seeds and pulp. Use a spoon to get rid of the contents.

Step 4

Draw the face with the pen (you can also use a pencil). The features have to be large so you can cut them off easily.

Step 5

Use the pattern as a guide for cutting up the pumpkin. Gently push out the pieces.

The final step is to put the candle inside. This process should work whatever the Halloween pumpkin size you choose.

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