Turret Lathe Dimensions

The different turret lathe dimensions and specifications stems from the fact that companies have each set up their own standards. One of the things that a buyer must therefore do is become acquainted with these figures.


Some turret lathes have spindle speeds of 780 rpm. The chuck type differs, but many use the collet chuck. The diameter varies, but 20 to 22 mm is not uncommon. The drill bit diameter varies too. While the specific figures differ from model to model, the purpose remains the same.

Function and Purpose

The tool is utilized in metalworking shops to make components that have uniform shapes and sizes. The turret lathe comes with an indexable tool holder. This simply means that numerous cuts may be done on the work piece in a subsequent manner. The individual using the tool is not required to halt after each cut to configure the next one.

The path used for creating the metal components is managed by the machine. Because the control is not manual, production is much more efficient. This is true regardless of the turret lathe dimensions.


The turret lathe has been utilized since the late 19th century. It became very popular among manufacturers because it expedited a lot of work. Before its invention, the quality of metal tools was totally dependent on the person making it. For this reason, turret lathe use became widespread. It lowered production costs while improving the finished product.

The automated turret was invented in 1873. Chris Spencer had the patent, but numerous inventors in Switzerland and the United States improved on the earlier model. By the end of World War I, the automated turret lathe had become commonplace.

Additional Benefits

Another advantage is that the tool could be used by people even without engineering skills or being a crafty toolmaker. As the technology improved, the machines became even more proficient. It is true that special products require the services of a craftsman. But if mass production of tools is required, the turret lathe is preferred by companies.

Other Information

The turret lathe can be configured in many ways. Prior to being used, the user will configure the tool first. Modern lathes can save the settings so there is no need to repeatedly configure the device. At the same time, you can now change the setting with ease.

The turret lathe dimensions provided earlier is a general guide only. Other specifications will be found in other machines.

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