How Big is a Juicer?

A juicer is one of the most important tools for those who are health conscious. As many people believe juicing is for better health, they have to have a reliable equipment that can accomplish the task.

Juicers come in different sizes, shapes, and models. One of the most popular brands is the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer. It offers a number of models but they are almost of the same dimensions. Depending on the model, the juicer is about 14.5 to 16.5 inches in height, 12 inches in width, and 15.5 to 16 inches in depth. Total weight of a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is about 12 pounds or 6 kilograms.

Although this juicer is pretty bulky in size and would need a significant space in your counter, its power and reliability cannot be put in question. That’s probably why a lot of people trust the brand. It is definitely the motor power of the juicer that seals the deal. More than the look or size, it is the ability of the juicer to actually deliver what you want exactly that matters.

Juicing for Better Health

As soon as you have chosen your juicer, it is time to start it running. There are many types of food that you can put into the juicer to be able to extract certain amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to achieve a level of well being.

Vegetable juicing is a favorite among health-savvy individuals. It is an important source of raw foods that the body needs. It also does not increase insulin levels when consumed because most vegetables are not sugary in nature, except of course, for carrots and beets. The problem with vegetable juice, if you can call it that, is it is not as appetizing as fruit juices. But you can start with a combination of celery, fennel, and cucumbers. That mix is much easier to tolerate than other mixes. Once you find your footing, you may experiment with different mixes. Dark greens are most advisable because they contain tons of health benefits. If you think you cannot bear the taste, try adding some seedless grapes into your veggie mix. It will help improve the taste of your juice.

Fruit juicing, on the other hand, is popular among a lot of people. It is delicious and refreshing. Plus, it is definitely a better way to hydrate in a delicious way than drinking soda. If there is one disadvantage, it is the fact that fruit juices may increase your insulin levels along the way. So you have to watch out for that.

Juicing proves to be more convenient for people on-the-go, for those who live a very active life. Instead of carrying around chunks of fruits and vegetables, they will be able to consume a good size of the nutrients their body needs with very minimal effort.

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