Bed Scarf Dimensions

Do you like sleeping in hotel rooms because they are so elegant and classy? Do you love the feel of a luxurious sleep? Don’t worry, you can easily recreate the comfort and beauty of an expensive hotel room. You just have to find the right items for it.

Bed Scarf: Functional Beauty

One of the most useful tools to duplicate a luxurious room is a bed scarf. It is also known as a bed runner and is often used in hotel rooms to provide protection for the expensive linens from heavy luggages, briefcases, and even pets. It is placed along the foot of the bed. It is a strip of fabric that could definitely create a classy appearance and also serve important purposes.

Choosing your Bed Scarf

When choosing your bed scarf, there are some things you have to consider. Yes, it is just a strip of fabric but if you chose wrong, it could only look like a piece of clutter. To maximize its beauty and functionality, you better take a clue from the following tips:

* Examine your room well. Determine your color and design schemes, if there are. Make sure that when you choose a bed scarf, you are choosing a style and color that blends well with your whole room.

* You can choose a bed scarf that matches the accent wall or choose a color that is complementing to your bed linens.

* Make proper measurements. Bed scarf dimensions vary as beds are not the same. If you cannot find a suitable bed scarf size to your bed, you can just decide on the bigger size and hem the edges so it fits perfectly well.

* Look for your bed scarf in thrift stores, home stores, and online stores. Make sure that you go for the best price. Price will be defined by the quality of material used for your bed scarf as well as the brand name.

* Make sure to shop for the best price. Look out for something that will provide the highest value for your hard-earned dollars.

* If you cannot seem to find the right bed scarf for your bedroom, you can always do your own. With a sewing machine, some fabric, and some creative skill, you can easily turn this into a DIY project.

* Your bed scarf must be placed 3 to 5 inches from the bottom part of the bed. Place it properly so it provides the beauty and functionality you actually got it for.

* If you easily get bored with your bedroom décor, you can use the bed scarf to change looks easily.

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