Bed Sizes Explained

Bed sizes vary widely. It refers to the dimensions of the bed. At this time and age when beds differ not just in size but also in shapes and designs, it is important that you get a tutorial regarding the dimensions to ensure that you are choosing the right size that will meet your needs and your comfort requirements.

The Standards

There are different standards for some countries. USA, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, and UK all have different names for every different size of bed they have. They also usually use different terminologies to describe them. But all in all, the ones widely available in home stores is the US standard. That’s why we chose to ponder more on that.

The smallest bed in US standard is the single bed, also called the twin bed or the bunk bed. Measuring 39 inches wide and 75 inches long, this is the usual size used for toddlers and young adolescents’ rooms. They are also often used in guest rooms. With an available space of 39 inches x 75 inches, it can comfortably sleep a kid or one small adult.

The next size is the double bed or the full bed. It measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. It is roomy enough for a single sleeper but can also accommodate two kids or small adults, without depriving them of enough sleep space.

The Queen bed is a bigger bed for two. It measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. This is the best selection for a couple as it provides 30 inches space for each.

The King bed is the grandest of the bed sizes. At 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length, it is roomy enough not just for two sleepers but for a family of four, with two small children, of course. It is a very good choice for families who like sleeping together, who like communing together in a single bed.

Dress Up your King Bed

Among the bed sizes available in the market, the King bed is the most luxurious. We are giving you tips on how to dress up your King and make sure it will be the most beautiful, most comfortable family bed.

Choose a bedding of the right size by knowing the size of your King bed. You have different bedding or linen options in comforters, fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvets, quilts, and blankets. Aside from choosing the right size, you also choose the perfect bedding for your comfort.

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