Impact Wrench Sizes


The impact wrench sizes vary as numerous manufacturers implement different elements and features. The tool is sometimes confused with other utilities, but the following information should clear things up. 


The impact wrench is available in many forms. Some are powered by compressed air and others by electricity. The tool can also be operated manually. An impact wrench run by compressed air is also called a pneumatic wrench. 

How the Tool Works 

The utility works by using impact and force. The manually powered impact wrench resembles a screwdriver. At the portion where the screwdriver goes, sockets or screwdriver bits can be snapped on. 

Manual Impact Wrenches 

To use the manually run impact wrench, put the socket or bit into a bolt or screw. Hold the wrench and strike the other end with a hammer. The inner components of the wrench change the downward impact to motion that turns. This will loosen the bolt. 

Air Powered and Electric Impact Wrenches 

The air and electric impact wrench sizes vary, but they work in a similar manner. After you push the trigger, small hammers within the tool change the impact into motion. This is similar to the way a manual impact wrench works. The only difference is that the electric and air impact wrenches do the work more quickly. 

There are also impact wrenches that can be inserted into the car cigarette lighter. This helps make changing the tires easier. 


Make sure you don’t tighten the bolt or nut too much. It is also very easy to over-torque a nut. Make sure to hand tighten the bolt prior to utilizing the wrench. If the tool is not torque controlled, it will be necessary to move along slowly. 

It is also essential to evaluate the torque figure of the bolt. If you don’t do this, you will never know if it has been straightened too much. 


The impact wrench will need some accessories. For an air-powered impact wrench, the compressor needs to have a minimum of 10 gallons. The power must be at least 3 HP. The tool will also need sockets that can endure high torque. 

No matter what the impact wrench sizes used are, using the tool will require some training. But learning how to use the tool will pay off. By learning how to employ the impact wrench, a lot of tasks will be easier to do. It will also reduce the work hours spent in a task. 

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